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Name:Gavin Darklighter
Is, this thing on? I guess so. General Antilles wants us to record something about ourselves. For prosterity, I think. Wes says it's so the NRI can keep tabs on us, but I know better than to believe him. He still thinks I'm a rookie.

I'm Gavin Darklighter. I've been flying with Rogue squadron for the past two years as Rogue Six. It's an honor to fly with them, still. I guess I've come into my own as a pilot, I'm still flying after all. They're my family now, even though I miss my other one back home on Tatooine.

Well, I guess maybe I should mention the last mission we went on? The one Isard set up, where. Actually, I'd rather not mention it after all.

ooc: Gavin Darklighter is 1.8 meters tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. He's nineteen years old, with a goatee and mustache. He comes to Milliways after the events of Isard's Revenge, by Michael Stackpole.

He's not mine. I'm just borrowing Gavin for RP fun. He belongs to Del Rey, George Lucas, Bantam Books, Michael Stackpole, and whoever else connected to the SW universe. For more on Gavin, check here.

PB for Gavin is Tyron Leitso, and is in no way connected to any of this either.
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